About us

We are based in Norway. Robotics for kids is a series of books for children, where children can learn about computer programming, robotics, and automation. The company has designed these books in such a way so that there shall be minimal or no help needed by the parents.

Coding or computer programming is an integral part of robotics and an essential skill for future generations. Teaching kids about computer programming is the most challenging task. Significant work has been done to make this learning process easy. It is possible to learn to code and have fun at the same time; if you like to join Lego blocks then you can start learning to code with this book. If adults are intimidated by programming, then this book will also help them to get started.

Robotics for kids - Scratch 3.0 is the first step into the world of computer programming, robotics and automation. This book is made up of two parts, for beginners and advanced users. These two books give an excellent understanding, logic and solid foundation for the concepts we will be using in robotics and automation.

The company has planned many books to teach children about computer programming, robotics and automation. We will learn all of this in future books.

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